Patients should visit a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, such as Global Health, if planning a trip to a country where yellow fever may be a risk. There are several contraindications and precautions to yellow fever vaccine that need to be considered prior to administering the vaccine.

Yellow fever vaccine should be given only (subject to a detailed risk assessment) when there is a significant and unavoidable risk of acquiring yellow fever infection, such as travel to an area where there is a current or periodic risk of yellow fever transmission.

Anyone aged 60 years or older and travelling to countries where there is a low potential for exposure to yellow fever you should NOT have yellow fever vaccine . This is due to a higher risk of life-threatening side effects in this age group, yellow fever vaccine is not recommended.

Bite prevention strategies should be used to reduce the risk further. Global Health stock a wide range of effective insect repellents and offer advice on other measures to be taken.