Global Health Travel Clinic offer a range of services to schools, educational organisations and companies

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Travel vaccination and healthcare services

  • Business/School on site travel service
  • Full travel vaccination service for staff teams and school pupils, subject to parental permission and supervision.

The aim of the onsite clinic is to ensure staff teams can be treated safely and effectively with the minimum time taken out of their working day. Malaria prophylaxis medication to specifically meet the needs of the individual and the journey.

Global Health Travel Clinics also offer appointments daily, late into the evening and at weekends for those who wish to be treated at our clinics.

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Seasonal flu vaccination services

Business/School on site flu vaccination clinics.

Protects teams so that services are not disrupted due to absence caused by seasonal flu. Seasonal flu vaccines are usually available from September each year and are specifically manufactured to match predicted strains of flu for the forthcoming winter season Provided there are no variations in the strains for seasonal flu seen in the UK, vaccination is very effective

Vaccinations are best early in the winter season e.g. September, although vaccination is possible through to March the following year. On site vaccination clinics allow better compliance so those who wish to use the service, are vaccinated. Many offsite schemes have low levels of compliance and protection.

Global Health Travel Clinics also offer clinic appointments daily, late into the evening and at weekends. Contact your nearest clinic.

More information on seasonal flu can be found by visiting our blog. To monitor the current levels of seasonal flu in the UK visit which is updated every three minutes.

Global Health Travel Clinic provide all travel and holiday vaccinations and general immunisation plans if not available by the NHS.

So, whether you are travelling to Africa, or travelling to the Far East, travelling to India or traveling to Bali or traveling to Vietnam or any other foreign travel or international travel Global Health provide all the travel clinic medical advice required. Global Health Travel Clinic provide a convenient place to go for all required vaccinations for travel. If you commute and cannot find travel vaccinations close to work, we have appointments during the day, late night or Saturday clinics. You may find our specialist and specific travel advice leads to the cheapest travel vaccinations option.