Global Health Travel Clinic work with several laboratories to provide Covid-19 testing services.

Real time PCR is the gold standard method of testing for Covid-19 and is currently required for cross border travel by most countries.

Testing of mutating variants is currently a hot topic due to variations found in Kent, South Africa, and Brazil/South America.

Many, if not all, laboratories and tests target the critical ORF1ab gene found in all strains and variants. This includes NHS testing laboratories.

Rapid Antigen tests or lateral flow tests are less accurate compared to PCR testing and are not accepted by most countries for cross border travel purposes.

Some countries such as the Netherlands require both a RT-PCR and a Rapid antigen test

Tests such as the Fortress Rapid Antigen Tests (or lateral flow tests) have been independently assessed by the University of Oxford and PHE and found to successfully pick up the new variants.

Ask your clinician at Global Health if more information or advice is required.