The latest travel health information is critical to ensuring you are safe and protected. We use Cliniko Clinic Systems and NaTHNaC databases, which provide comprehensive worldwide up to the minute information and recommendations. You may wish to investigate yourself and do your own independent research. We suggest you look the following website which provides information on diseases, vaccinations and countries where you will require protection. The website is patient friendly and part of the NHS Go to NaTHNaC travel Health Pro or simply talk to us.

NaTHNaC Travel Health Pro.



We are specialists focusing on safe and effective worldwide travel health matters ranging from vaccinations to malaria prophylaxis. We are a registered Yellow Fever centre providing Yellow Fever vaccination and certification. Certification is compulsory when visiting or passing through certain countries.

Global Health Travel Clinic will determine your needs when we meet you, creating your individual risk assessment. This is a comprehensive review and considers where you are going, for how long and what activities you will participate in for example trekking. Additionally, it will take into account your general health, any medication you are taking and any allergies you may have (many vaccines contain egg components). Some treatments such as malaria prophylaxis are dependent upon the length of time you are travelling.

We will devise a treatment plan for you and discuss this with you.

Consultations are by appointment only. Phone us, email us or visit appointments on line.

Our service is a private service and our aim is to offer value for money, with no hidden consultation fees, prescription fees or dispensing fees.