If there is any cause for complaint, please discuss with or contact the clinician/responsible pharmacist on duty at the time of the incident as soon as possible.

If the clinician is unable to resolve the complaint verbally during the incident, which has led to the complaint,  or is not contactable, please make the complaint in writing or by e mail using the Clinic details on the ‘contact us’ page.

The Superintendent Pharmacist will investigate and manage the complaint on going.

Where possible clearly indicate:

  • Date, time and location of the incident leading to the complaint.
  • Nature of the incident/complaint
  • Any staff members involved
  • Any other witnesses to the incident and contact details if available.

The Superintendent Pharmacist will acknowledge the complaint in writing or e mail and will aim to resolve the complaint immediately. If the complaint cannot be resolves immediately an indication of how long any investigation may take will be given. All investigations will be completed within 21 days or sooner. Findings of the investigation will be given to the complainant.

If the complaint cannot be resolved the Superintendent Pharmacist will advise on next steps which can be taken to resolve the issue.

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