What is HPV and Who can have the HPV vaccine? 

The HPV vaccine is available to most people, but it is only offered free to people of a certain age or in certain situations. 

The introduction of an HPV service by the NHS within the leaves a gap in coverage read on…. 

Who can have the HPV vaccine in school? 

In the past, the HPV vaccine was only available to girls. Since September 2019, it has been offered free in schools to girls and boys aged 12 to 13.  

If you were offered the HPV vaccine but missed having it in school, you can have it free up to age 25 in England, girls who were in year 8 (England and Wales) in September 2008. Boys who were in year 8 (England and Wales) in September 2019.  

You may choose to have the HPV vaccine privately. The Gardasil, Cervarix and Gardasil 9 vaccines are sometimes available from travel clinics, local pharmacies and other health centres.  

Global Health Travel clinics can mee the needs of all who wish to have the vaccine privately. Our clinicians will give you full information about the service available. 

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