Two people were recently treated for Diphtheria in Lothian/Edinburgh, Scotland. This is despite the area having a childhood vaccination rate of 98%. Both patients had recently been travelling.

At Global Health Travel we follow TravelhealthPro/NHS guidelines and if required provide DTP as one of the core travel vaccinations, if required following consultation.

Diphtheria is a highly contagious and potentially fatal infection that can affect the nose and throat, and sometimes the skin. It’s rare in the UK, but there’s a small risk of catching it while travelling in some parts of the world.

The best way to avoid diphtheria while travelling is to be fully vaccinated against it.

If you’re travelling to a part of the world where diphtheria is widespread, you may need a booster vaccination if you were last vaccinated against it more than 10 years ago.

Diphtheria is found in many areas, including:

  • Asia
  • the South Pacific
  • the Middle East
  • eastern Europe
  • the Caribbean