Covid-19 IgM/IgG antibody tests

Contact us or book on-line for a Covid-19 antibody test.

Our test detects Covid-19 specific antibodies. IgM antibodies are the body’s first immune response that remain in the blood that help the body fight off infection. IgG antibodies are the body’s secondary immune response in the blood to provide long term immunity. The test indicates a recent or current infection.

DO NOT attend the clinic if you have Covid-19 symptoms. Contact NHS 111 or the online coronavirus service.

We use Biopanda Test Kits, manufactured in the UK, MHRA approved and CE marked. For use by health professionals only. These are 99% accurate in line with Roche tests.

4 easy steps

  1. Simple finger prick test
  2. Result in 10 minutes
  3. Certificate of testing provided
  4. Full explanation of test result and what to do next.

Family groups, same household groups can be tested together. Ask your local clinic for more details.

To book an appointment use the on-line booking system or phone your nearest clinic.