The UK Government have updated testing required for travel and general testing.

This is a quick summary based on information available on 18/5/21.

We strongly suggest you check the latest .GOV website links to find out what apples to you. The rules seem to change daily, weekly, monthly so beware.

We have had a question from one of our clients regarding the age of children requiring a day 2 or day 2/8 test. The link above clearly indicates “Children under 5 will not be required to take the day-2 or day-8 test.”

Today it was reported by the Telegraph that the EU are considering British holidaymakers be given the green light by the EU to use “vaccine passports” to enter Europe. EU ambassadors are expected to sign off a plan allowing fully-vaccinated Britons to fly to Europe without having to have a Covid test or quarantine.

What is clear you must check with your travel insurance provider to ensure your travel insurance covers your travel in whichever country your holiday or business trip is listed in the traffic light system.

It is clear however that the UK Govt wish to discourage people from travelling. In many cases information from different departments such as the department for transport and the foreign and commonwealth office.

See the article from the telegraph newspaper.

This link clearly details how the new green/amber/red traffic light system works.