PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test The PCR test looks for evidence that the virus is currently in your body, by detecting the presence of its RNA in a swab sample from your nose/throat.

The PCR test detects the genetic material in the virus called RNA. When the sample reaches the lab, a solution known as a ‘reagent’ is added to it. If there is virus present this reagent starts a ‘chain reaction’ and creates billions of copies of the genetic material in the virus so that there is enough that it can be detected and analysed by scientists to provide a positive result.

Are you Fit to Fly?

Some countries require you to take a PCR test 3- 5 days before the flight departs showing that you do not have an active case of Covid-19. We provide a Signed certificate.

Anyone who is concerned that they been exposed to Covid-19 can take the PCR test. You may be experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or you may think you have been exposed to Covid-19.

Or you may be caring for a person who is particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and want to check yourself for your own peace of mind.

99.9% Accurate with correct swab technique using our PHE accredited UK laboratory

If you have covid-19 symptoms, then you need to self-isolate to protect others.

When do I get the results of my PCR test?

When you receive your kit, read the instructions carefully carry out the test and send the sample to the laboratory using Royal Mail track 24 https://send.royalmail.com/ or by using Polarspeed https://online.polarspeed.com/

Your sample will be analysed the day it is received, and your results emailed to you as soon as they are ready, within 12-24 hours of the lab receiving your sample. You will get a signed certificate which is valid for your flight.

Our health professionals are ready to help you interpret your Covid-19 test results and to help you understand the next steps.

We recommend you do not try to travel using a NHS PCR test as they do not provide the certificate you need to travel.