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RT-PCR testing, lateral flow testing and new Covid-19 variants

Global Health Travel Clinic work with several laboratories to provide Covid-19 testing services. Real time PCR is the gold standard method of testing for Covid-19 and is currently required for cross border travel by most countries. Testing of mutating variants is currently a hot topic due to variations found in Kent, South Africa, and Brazil/South [...]

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Covid-19 – Test to Release for international travel – banned countries, how to self-isolate and exempt jobs  

Please see the following information. Some detail provided will change with time, but the .GOV links provided should remain up to date. Regulations are changing rapidly, check carefully with reputable  sources. Many international travellers are taking advantage of ‘test to release’. This is a process where travellers can reduce their self-isolation/quarantine period from 10 to [...]

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Covid-19 PCR saliva tests and LAMP tests

Technology is moving very rapidly. Global Health Travel clinic are working with a number of laboratories for PCR testing now both saliva and also throat/nasal swabs Some use PCR throat and nasal swab tests as used by the NHS. Technology, however, has now moved on and less invasive and easy to use test are now [...]

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Covid-19 ‘Fit to fly’ certificates – South Africa

Covid-19 ‘Fit to fly’ certificates - South Africa Regulations applied by different countries for both entry into the country and quarantine whilst in the country change daily. Recently South Africa re-opened it borders to returning South Africans, many of whom were stranded in the UK following lockdown and closure of borders. Global Health Travel Clinic [...]

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The British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa

The British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa The British and Irish Lions are due to tour South Africa in July and August 2021. It is not yet clear what restrictions will be in place at the time of the tour. If you’re considering travel to South Africa for the Lions tour, you should [...]

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Covid-19 PCR test. Are you Fit to Fly?

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test The PCR test looks for evidence that the virus is currently in your body, by detecting the presence of its RNA in a swab sample from your nose/throat. The PCR test detects the genetic material in the virus called RNA. When the sample reaches the lab, a solution known as [...]

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Covid-19 and Travel

The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to evolve. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its global advisory against ‘all but essential’ travel and from 4 July 2020 some destinations have been assessed as no longer presenting an unacceptably high risk to British nationals travelling abroad.Travellers should continue to monitor the GOV.UK travel advice and [...]

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Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 

  What is HPV and Who can have the HPV vaccine?  The HPV vaccine is available to most people, but it is only offered free to people of a certain age or in certain situations.  The introduction of an HPV service by the NHS within the leaves a gap in coverage read on....  Who can have the HPV vaccine in school?  In [...]

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Covid-19 or Corona Virus antibody testing

Covid-19 antibody test detects whole blood serum levels of IgM and IgG antibodies following an infection. The antibody development varies by patient and can take 4-23 days. IgM antibodies are less specific than IgG antibodies as these are faster to develop compared with more specific IgG antibodies.  There are a number of tests have been developed and are specific to Covid-19 IgM/IgG antibodies. [...]

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